strikeYou may think lightning strike damage is rare, but it is actually more common than you think. According to pennyelectric.com, about 1 in 200 houses are struck by lightning every year. Various factors can affect your level of risk, including whether there are higher structures nearby (metal light poles can have a protective effect), the local climate, etc.

You can look for damage from a lightning strike to your roof, or you can simply call us for a FREE INSPECTION. DO NOT WALK ON YOUR ROOF and sloped roofs are dangerous, even in good condition. Simply take notes of buckling, missing or broken shingles, discoloration, or black singed spots, anything you can review from your ladder.

With your notes, you can safely be prepared for your appointment with Alpine GC & Roofing.

Our roofing contractor can check your crawlspace's interior. A professional will quickly note signs of a lightning strike or other needed repairs.

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