Bitumen is obtained by the partial distillation of crude petroleum. It is also called as mineral tar and is present in asphalt also. It contains 87% carbon, 11% hydrogen and 2% oxygen.

The forms of bitumen are generally 5 types as follows.

  • Cutback bitumen
  • Bitumen emulsion
  • Plastic bitumen
  • Blown bitumen
  • Straight run bitumen

Cutback Bitumen
Cutback bitumen is obtained from the distillation of asphaltic bitumen with the addition of coal tar or petroleum. Cut back bitumen can be used as paint in cold weather conditions.

Bitumen Emulsion
Bitumen emulsion is obtained by dissolving very finely divided bitumen in aqueous medium. Suitable stabilizing agents are added to this solution.

Plastic Bitumen
Plastic bitumen majorly contains inert filler about 40 to 45% and bitumen and thinner is the other material. It is used as sealing material for leakages, cracks in masonry structures etc.

Blown Bitumen
Blown bitumen is special type of bitumen. It is manufactured by subjecting bitumen to air under heavy pressure at high temperature. It can be used as damp proofing material, heat insulating material etc.

Straight Run Bitumen
Straight run bitumen is obtained by the distillation of bitumen into definite viscosity. It is also available as rocks.

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