Roofing Q&A

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Where do your materials come from?

We are GAF Certified! A manufacturer's warranty is important when rebuilding.

How can you tell there is damage from a hail storm?

Did you know, it only takes hail the size of a walnut to cause major damage to your roof. 

What to look for before calling for your FREE INSPECTION are:

Granule loss - are the shingles looking shiny, not sandpaper like?

Weakened self-seal strip - Does is look like rubber is peeling away from your shingles? This is self seal stripping that over time and deteriorate and leave your shingles exposed to water.

Wavy Shingles - Are you shingles looking like a waving flag? That could mean you already have water damage under your shingles and potentially deck repair needed.

Cracked Shingles - Do you have rips, tears or cracked shingles? This can be cause from hail and high wind.

What do I do After a Hail Storm?

  1. File claim with your carrier. After a hail storm you have a short time to file the claim for damage. 
  2. Ask how your roofing company can help you while waiting for your new roof
  3. Check and verify credentials, local, good business, quality products
  4. Do they work with your insurance carrier?

How do I start and what will I need?

Will I need to obtain a permit from my local government?

What is GAF Certified Roofer mean?


Every year GAF trains and certifies thousands of roofers on high quality installation methods using the latest technologies. Our criteria requires all roofing companies to show proof of state licensing (where required), insurance, and demonstrate that they are good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

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